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June 26, 2012

Brilliant Bridesmaids

Now I bet that to some, the thought of brilliant pink bridesmaids dresses brings you out in a rash and sends shivers down your spine. Well you cynics, prepare to be astounded, and your opinion changed forever!  These pictures taken by the extremely talented Samm Blake capture an incredible wedding day, and show that bright pink bridesmaids dresses really can be beautiful and stylish!

Oh there are so many ways to love these dresses: the way they go so perfectly with the groom and ushers suits, the way they pop against the muted eucalyptus trees, the way they perfectly complement the flowers and finishing touches of the day, and the way they make all the bridesmaids grin from ear to ear! Beautiful, and I have finally found out where they are from… Ginger and Smart.

All Images: Samm Blake

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