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February 5, 2013

Getting your 5 a day

vegetables decorating the table_feat

Are you looking for something a bit different when it comes to decorating your tables at your wedding? I’ll admit that initially I found the idea of using vegetables a little odd, but once I’d seen it done well, I thought it was a great idea. Vegetables have such wonderful unique shapes, textures and colours that you don’t always get naturally in flowers and plants, and they can provide really beautiful accompaniments to flowers or even on their own. Take a look at these pictures and see what you think.

These beetroot bring great shape and colour to a table. Photography by Jonas Peterson

Who knew onions could be so pretty! These red onions and spring onions are a great alternative for lovers of all things wild and naturally beautiful. I really like the way you can almost see their roots still growing. Photography by We Love Pictures via Before the Big Day.

Taken from the same wedding as the lovely onion displays, these beautiful, delicate, wild flowers, and vegetables (I can see a mini cabbage in there) are perfectly balanced by the solid, raw wooden stands on which they are placed.  Photography by We Love Pictures via Before the Big Day.onions decorating the wedding table

More gorgeous onions. Photography by We Love Pictures via Before the Big Day.decorating your tables with vegetables

Fresh produce including aubergines, turnip, beetroot can make a unique table display. Photography by Isabelle Selby Photography via Hello Love Blog.aubergine grape and roses centrepiece

Or what about some grapes, cherries and aubergines with your roses? Photography by  Elizabeth Messina Photography, via Project Wedding.